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Page created: 9 Jan 2023 |
Page updated: 29 Jan 2023

New features and improvements in PingID mobile app 1.32.

Automatic cipher key rotation

PingID mobile app
We've added a mechanism to automatically rotate mobile cipher keys.

Minimizing user location data collection

PingID mobile app
To address requests to reduce the collection of location data, PingID mobile app no longer requests location data or permissions, unless the organization's policy specifically requires it.

Language support

PingID mobile app
PingID mobile app now supports the following additional languages:
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Hungarian

Accessibility improvements

PingID mobile app
As part of our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility, we've made some necessary updates to the PingID mobile app.

Security, performance, and reliability

PingID mobile app
Improvements to security, performance, and reliability.

QR camera black screen

PingID mobile app
We fixed an issue that was causing the QR scanning camera to occasionally show a black screen rather than allow the user to scan the QR code.

Support for iOS 12.x and lower is ending

PingID mobile app
From the next version, PingID mobile app will not support iOS 12.x and lower.

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