The PingID Integration Kit 2.6 for PingFederate is released with the following components:

PingID Integration Kit component Version Status
PingID Adapter 2.5 New
PingID PCV 2.5 New
PingID SaaS Connector 1.0.1 Unchanged


Multiple access mode (PingID Adapter 2.5)

In addition to the traditional organization-owned single-user device, (for example, an employee's laptop or desktop computer), the PingID Adapter has been extended to support the following use cases:

  • An organization-owned multiple-users device, for example, a kiosk or shared tablet.
  • A device not owned by the organization, that is used by single or multiple users.
  • Configuration for prevention of storage of user information and long-lived sessions on certain devices (typically devices used by multiple users). This will require users to sign-on and re-authenticate on each subsequent login.
  • Provide users with the ability to indicate that the browser used for access is running on a public device, or on a device not regularly used for secure access. This assures users that they can securely login without concern about user information being kept on that device.
Note: The multiple access mode requires PingFederate 9.2 and PingID Integration Kit 2.6 (packaged as part of the PingFederate 9.2 bundle).

For further details, refer to the documentation Supporting multiple access mode.

PingID PCV 2.5 unicode encryption support

The encryption method of the Radius State attribute has been enhanced to support non-standard VPN clients that will only accept unicode encoding.