A new version of the PingID Integration Kit was released and includes:

  • PingID RADIUS PCV v2.3.1
  • PingID Adapter v2.2
  • PingID Connector 1.0.1


PingID RADIUS PCV v2.3.1
The following enhancements were made to PingID RADIUS PCV:
  • You can define a separate list of LDAP group names that you want to exclude from PingID authentication. If a user is a member of the bypass group, the user will not be required to authenticate via PingID regardless any group membership or policies applied.
  • It is now possible to configure a newline between different device entries within a RADIUS server challenge message.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PID-6471/PID-6529 Fixed issues that occurred when using the PingID memberOf group configuration when the RADIUS PCV VPN is in 'no challenge' mode.
PID-6477 There were cases where if the RADIUS PCV was in "no challenge" mode and OTP in password separator was configured as 'comma', that first factor authentication failed. This bug is fixed in RADIUS PCV v2.3.1.
PID-6387 An edge case was discovered where it was possible for a user to register an SMS, voice or email-based authentication device which does not meet company policy, even though the RESTRICT configuration option was selected. This issue is now resolved.