The procedure detailed here is the iOS example for the configuration of Workspace ONE UEM for PingID MDM integration. The procedure for Android is identical. If the organization's MDM manages both iOS and Android devices, configure and save the entire procedure separately for each platform.

  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM admin console, go to Apps & Books > Applications > List View
  2. On the Public tab, click Add application.
    Screen capture of the Public tab with the Add Application button highlighted.
  3. From the Platform list, select Apple iOS.
    Screen capture of the Add Application window with the Platform list displayed. Platform options include Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Desktop.
  4. In Source field, click Search App Store.
    Screen capture of the Add Application window showing the Source field. The Source field has two options: Search App Store and Enter URL. The Search App Store option is selected.
  5. In Name field, enter PingID.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the mobile app store, for the PingID mobile app, click Select.
    Screen capture of the mobile app store with Select highlighted for the PingID mobile app.
    The PingID mobile app's details are displayed in the Details tab.
    Screen capture of the Detials tab.
  8. Click the Assignment tab.
  9. Go to the Policies section.
    Screen capture of the Assignment tab with the Polices section highlighted.
  10. In the Send Application Configuration field, click Enabled.
    The Application Configuration section displays.