A new version of the PingID Integration Kit was released providing PingID offline MFA for mobile only users. This feature enables users to authenticate manually from their mobile devices in order to access resources on the same device. The new version includes:

  • PingID Adapter v2.3.0
  • PingID RADIUS PCV v2.3.1 (No change)
  • PingID SaaS Connector - v1.0.1 (No change)

See Authenticate manually, in the PingID User Guide.

Note: The ability to authenticate manually from a mobile device in order to access resources on the same device requires PingID mobile app v1.8.4 or higher.

Known issues and limitations

  • PingID screens display incorrectly when using Android's native browser for Manual Authentication

    There's a known issue for users of devices running Android v5.0 OS when using the Android's native browser to perform Manual Authentication from a mobile device in order to access resources on the same device, that causes some of the PingID screens not to display correctly. Other browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox do display PingID screens correctly.

  • Manual Authentication flow stops without displaying an error message
    When using Manual Authentication flow to access resources on a mobile device that does not have PingID mobile app installed, if the user selects Authenticate:
    • On iOS devices: Chrome attempts to search for PingID, and the Manual Authentication flow is stopped.
    • On Android devices: the Manual Authentication flow is stopped, and the user does not receive an error message, due to limitations in the native Android OS.