Supported languages

The PingID desktop app is now supporting the following languages: English, French (EU), French (Canadian), German, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Desktop app update capabilities

The PingID desktop app provides the option to check for new available versions, automatic end user notifications of available updates, and a semiautomatic update function.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PID-1671 The uninstall process on the Windows platform has been fixed to remove all of the files from the PingID desktop app installation.
PID-1788 The PingID desktop app on Mac had styling issues and locked movement. This is resolved with an improved design.
PID-1953 The uninstall process on the Apple Mac platform has been fixed to remove all of the files from the PingID desktop app installation.
PID-2179 The PingID desktop app was not starting up, as a result of a ghost process after a process crash.
PID-2262 The memory consumption of the PingID desktop app running in the background over several hours was growing. This has been resolved by tuning the JVM threshold to reduce memory usage.

Known issues and limitations

PingID desktop app on VMs running OS X
  • On VMs running OS X as a guest operating system, the PingID desktop application cannot run, and should not be used in these VM environments.
Antivirus may block PingID desktop app installation without alerting
  • On a Windows 10 PC, running Avast antivirus, there was no response when launching the PingID desktop app installer, and no alert.
  • Temporarily disabling the antivrus permitted normal installation of the PingID desktop app.
  • The antivirus was investigated: Its status indicated "Everything up to date". Deeper inspection revealed that although the engine and database were up to date, there was a newer release of the program available.
  • After updating the program, on launching the PingID installer, the antivirus alerted that it was running a 15 second check for malware. Following its check, the PingID desktop app installation proceeded normally.