You can enable or disable automatic updates manually, or create a script. The process varies between Mac, Windows desktop app 1.5 and later, and Windows desktop app 1.4 and earlier.

  • If the autoupdatemode parameter has any value other than disable, or has not been defined, then autoupdatemode assumes the value of enable on that PC or Mac.
  • The desktop app references the autoupdatemode parameter at startup. If the autoupdatemode value is changed, the change is only reflected the next time the desktop app is started.
  • The autoupdatemode parameter is configured at machine level. If there are multiple instances of the desktop app installed on a machine, the setting of the autoupdatemode is applied to all instances.

For sample scripts for each PingID desktop app version, see the Ping Identity GitHub. All scripts require administrator privileges to run them.

  1. To enable or disable automatic updates:
    • Mac:
      1. Create a new preferences file: /Library/Preferences/com.pingidentity.pingid.plist.
      2. In the /Library/Preferences/com.pingidentity.pingid.plist preferences file, create a key and name it autoupdatemode, with the value enable or disable.
      3. Convert the/Library/Preferences/com.pingidentity.pingid.plist file to binary.
        plutil -convert binary1 /Library/Preferences/com.pingidentity.pingid.plist
      4. From the preferences file, load the autoupdatemode parameter (enable or disable) as its active setting.
        defaults import  /Library/Preferences/com.pingidentity.pingid.plist/Library/Preferences
    • Windows with desktop app 1.5 and later:
      1. Open the props.fileprefs file.
        • 32-bit: \Program Files (x86)\Ping Identity\PingID\app\props.fileprefs
        • 64 bit: C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\PingID\app\props.fileprefs
      2. Add the following code to the props.fileprefs file.
        • To enable automatic updates:
        • To disable automatic updates:
      3. Save and then close the file.
    • Windows with desktop app 1.4 and earlier:
      1. In the Windows registry, create the autoupdatemode parameter as a String Value.
        • 32-bit:
        • 64-bit:

        A screen capture of the Registry Editor