Alternative authentication options not presented in "Add a New Device" dialog box

When EMAIL is set to RESTRICT, which references a groups attribute that has a unicode value, the alternative authentication options are not presented when the Add a New Device dialog box is opened from the Self Service management page.

As a workaround, the groups attribute should be removed from the mapping. For more information on attribute mapping, see Configuring LDAP attributes in PingFederate.

The phone number does not appear on the enrollment screen

The enrollment screen does not display pre-populated SMS or Voice phone numbers from the user directory, even though the RESTRICT and PRE-POPULATE settings are selected for SMS and VOICE, and the phoneNumbers attribute has been defined.

This is due to the google-libphonenumber validation method on the Self Service management page. The international country code is required, with a leading "+", unless it is a valid United States or Canadian number. When the number is set to RESTRICT, but flagged as invalid, this authentication option is not displayed.

The RESTRICT feature only works with external identity providers.

For more information, see Configuring the phone number attribute in PingOne.