The PingID Integration Kit 2.11 for PingFederate is released with the following components:

PingID Integration Kit component Version Status
PingID Adapter 2.9 Updated
PingID RADIUS PCV 2.7 Updated
PingID SaaS Connector 1.0.1 Unchanged

Resolved issues

With the release of PingID Integration Kit 2.11, the following issues have been resolved.

Ticket ID Description
PID-8027 Fixed an issue that prevented users to perform offline authentication when LDAP DATA SOURCE FOR DEVICES is set but LDAP DATA SOURCE left empty.
PID-8115 Fixed an issue that some LDAP Data Store configurations were ignored by PingID Adapter when querying the Data Store.
PID-9852 Fixed an interoperability issue between PingID Adapter and PingID RADIUS PCV.
PID-6717 Fixed a Unicode Issue that prevented user names with Unicode characters (ex. ΓΌ) to authenticate
PID-10528 Fixed an issue when objectGUID was mapped to the Username field: Now the objectGUID is decoded the same way as Active Directory decodes it.

The Username mapping feature was first introduced in PingID Adapter v2.8. If you already use objectGUID in the Username attribute mapping field, please contact Support before upgrading.