Depending on the allowed configuration, the PingID default Devices page enables users to pair, unpair, and rename their devices, as well as define their primary device. Users can access the Devices page through a URL, the dock, or the Settings button on the default PingID authentication page. The Devices page lists all authentication devices associated with the user's account. You can also allow users limited device management in the PingID mobile app.

In the admin portal, you can configure the following options:

  • The number of devices a user can pair with PingID. The maximum is 20.
  • Whether users are allowed to unpair and change devices using the PingID mobile app.
  • Whether users are allowed to access their Devices page to manage their devices on the web. You can restrict access to the Devices page to users with at least one paired device.
  • Whether PingID sends an email notification to users when a new device is paired to their account.
  • For users that have more than one paired device, define which device is presented to the user for authentication in the PingID default UI. Select one of the following options:
    • Default to Primary: Prompts the user to authenticate with their primary device, if permitted by the PingID policy. Otherwise, authenticate using the next permitted device.
    • Prompt User to Select: Allow the end user to choose their authentication method. When prompted to authenticate, the user is presented with a list of the authentication methods they have paired to their account. Only authentication methods permitted by the relevant PingID policy are shown.

    These fields are only visible if two or more devices are permitted in the Maximum Allowed Devices field.

If a user forgets or loses their device, and none of their paired devices are available, configure backup authentication to provide an alternative method of authentication based on user email and phone attributes stored in your organization's user directory.

For more information about the user experience, see Managing your devices.

To manage user activity, including disabling or unpairing one or more devices and defining the primary device for a user, see PingID User Life Cycle Management.