Installer languages for Windows

The PingID desktop app installer for Windows now provides installation instructions in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian and Spanish.

Desktop app update capabilities

Admins can now have the flexibility to choose whether to push newer versions of the desktop app to their users using company distribution mechanism, or to grant users with the freedom to decide if and when to update the app version.

End users, whose installation of the PingID desktop app permits them control of automatic updates, now have an easier on demand menu toggle selection, which permits them to change the configuration to activate or deactivate automatic updates.

Enhanced support

A support ID reference number is added to sent logs and is displayed on the settings page of the app, for reference in further communication with the support team.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PID-2414 A zip file is created when activating the Send Logs option. On completion of the transmission, the process should delete the local copy of the zip file. The deletion did not occur, and on creation of a new zip file, users received the error message ZIP log file did not delete. This has been resolved.
PID-2416 When a user selected the Remove Organization option and then Cancel, the Remove Organization icon changed to red until the user performed another action before changing back to gray. This has been resolved.

Known issues and limitations

The desktop app does not launch on Mac after custom fonts were installed
Some users who added custom fonts on their Mac were unable to launch the desktop app. Resolve the problem:
  1. Open the Font Book application.
  2. Select Menu > File > Restore Standard Fonts
  3. Run the desktop app, which should now launch successfully.
  4. Close the desktop app.
  5. Reinstall the custom fonts.
  6. Run the desktop app again. If it does not succeed, rerun steps 1-3 above.