If your organization is either:
  • using PingID solely as an authentication solution for federated single sign-on (SSO) with PingFederate
  • Integrating PingID for Windows login through PingFederate
you'll need to register for the PingID Enterprise service in PingOne, and then configure the PingID service.
Note: If you're using PingFederate as your PingOne identity bridge, you already have a PingOne account and don't need to register for a PingID Enterprise account.
  1. To get a registration key for the PingID Enterprise service, send an email request to sales@pingidentity.com.
  2. When you've received your registration key, go to PingOne registration and in the dropdown list select PingOne for Enterprise, and then click Next.
  3. Enter the following information and then click Register and accept the subsequent licensing agreement (see also Registering a PingOne account in the PingOne Admin guide).
    • First Name, Last Name, and Company Name.
    • Data Center Region: Select the regional data center in which you want your organization to be located.
    • Email: Enter your corporate email address.
    • Registration Key: Enter the registration key you received.
  4. Configure the PingID service (See Configure the PingID service).
  5. Once you have configured the PingID service, Installing the PingID Integration Kit for PingFederate