1. Go to Device > Server Profiles > RADIUS, and click Add.
    The following window is displayed.
    A screen capture of the RADIUS Server Profile window. The window shows a field for Profile Name at the top of the window with a check box for the Administrator Use Only option. In the Server Settings section after the Profile Name field, there are fields for Timeout (sect), Retries, and Authentication Protocol, which has a drop-down list. In the Servers section after the Server Settings section is a list of available servers with categories for each server including Name, RADIUS Server, Secret, and Port. At the bottom of this list are buttons for Add and Delete. The bottom of the window has buttons for OK and Cancel.
  2. In the Profile Name field, enter a name for the server.
  3. In the Server Settings section, set the Timeout and Retriesfields according to your policy.
  4. From the Authentication Protocollist, select PAP.
  5. In the Servers section, click Add, and then add the RADIUS server details.
For further information about setting the RADIUS profile, see Configure RADIUS Authentication.