Configure and manage the PingID service using the PingOne admin portal. For more information, see Configure the PingID service.

How it works: PingOne secondary authentication with PingID

A diagram illustrating PingID as a secondary authentication source with PingOne.
  1. A user with PingOne as their identity provider (IdP) signs on to a service provider’s (SP) resource. After PingOne successfully validates the user’s credentials, it sends a request to the PingID server to authenticate the user.
  2. PingID sends a request through the notification server to the PingID app installed on the user’s mobile device.
  3. The mobile notification server sends a notification to the PingID mobile app, and the user approves the sign-on request using the PingID mobile app.
  4. PingID initiates an out-of-band authentication (OOBA) of the user.
  5. The PingID server sends an authorization reply to the SP, which completes the sign-on process.