Note: Because PingID SDK is no longer actively supported and will be deprecated, you should migrate to PingOne MFA. For more information on migrating to PingOne MFA, contact your Ping account executive or customer success manager.

To send your consumers branded, customizable push notifications, you can embed the PingID mobile SDK into new or existing iOS or Android applications. As an alternative authentication factor, you can also use SMS, voice, and email notifications with customized content and a one-time passcode (OTP). QR code-based authentication is available as a passwordless authentication option. These methods allow your organization to provide MFA without introducing unnecessary friction or forcing your consumers to download a separate MFA application. For more information, see Introduction to PingID SDK.

PingOne hosts the PingID services and provides the web administrative portal for PingID SDK application and user management. Register for a PingOne account at

PingID SDK default settings

PingID SDK has a number of configuration settings, according to the following groups:
  • System settings
    System settings apply system-wide to all tenants and all applications and are not configurable.
    System parameter Description Value (not configurable) Relevant error or status
    Authentication session lifetime The period during which application logic can check the status of an authentication.

    In cases where users didn't receive a push notification or they use an offline device, they can complete the authentication.

    30 minutes Top level error code: NOT_FOUND
    Push notification timeout The time a new authentication notification request has to reach a user’s mobile device before timeout occurs. There might be a difference between the response of iOS and Android platforms when an app moves the push notification payload to the mobile SDK.

    The push notification period is included in the Online session timeout period.

    Factors such as specific implementations and platform limitations might also impact the time it takes for an app to move the push notification payload to the mobile SDK.

    20 seconds status: TIMEOUT
    Online session timeout The total amount of time a new authentication request has before timing out. The difference between the Push notification timeout and Online session timeout indicates the amount of time the user has to respond upon receiving an authentication request before timeout occurs. 40 seconds status: TIMEOUT
    Silent push timeout The extension of time for approval of a trusted device when VERIFY DEVICES USING APPLE/ANDROID PUSH SERVICE is set to Enable. 7 seconds N/A
    SMS lifetime limit The time for the counters of the DAILY USED SMS LIMIT and DAILY UNUSED SMS LIMIT to accumulate the count of authentication requests per user, per application.

    The daily counters are reset every night at midnight UTC.

    1 calendar day N/A
    SMS pairing limit The maximum number of pairing SMS messages permitted per account. Full license: unlimited

    Trial license: 100

    Top level error code: REQUEST_FAILED

    Detailed error code: SMS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED

  • Application settings
    Application settings are configurable settings per application in the admin portal. For configuration instructions and default settings, see Updating a PingID SDK app's configuration.

    Some of the application configurations are restricted or not configurable for tenants with trial licenses.