If you enable updates, you can choose which type of update notifications you require per OS (iOS or Android). Choose from:

  • Required updates: Notify the user when a new version is available. The user must update to the new version to continue using PingID mobile app. The user cannot skip the update.
  • Optional updates: Notify the user when a new version is available. The notification includes the option to skip the update and install it at a later date.
  1. In the admin portal, go to Setup > PingID > Device & Pairing.
  2. To enable notifications when a new version of the mobile app is available, in the Version Update Notifications section, under Notify Users of Mobile Version Updates, select Enable.

    You'll see options to enable notification of updates for iOS or Android that either require the user to update or inform the user of the option to update to the latest version.

    Screen capture showing the option to enable notifications for new mobile version updates. Check boxes provide the option to require users to update, or to optionally update, for iOS or Android operating systems.
  3. For each OS (iOS or Android):
    1. Select the relevant check box to specify whether updating to the latest version is optional or required.
    2. Specify the Minimum Version from which update notifications should be sent.
    3. Click Save.