The PingID SDK admin activity report outputs detailed information regarding admin-related activity during the past week.

  1. From the admin portal, go to Dashboard > Reporting > Reports.
    A list of pre-defined reports display.
  2. Next to PingID SDK Admin Activity of the last 7 Days, click Run.
    The report output is presented. For a detailed description of the report output fields, see PingID Admin Activity Report fields.
    • You can customize the report output by adding optional field columns, removing default fields, and changing default runtime parameters, according to the steps in the generic PingOne Run a custom report procedure.
    • You can stream PingID event information to Splunk or other third-party products. You can view and analyze this information when you subscribe to PingID audit events through the PingOne subscription facility. For more information, see Subscriptions in the PingOne Admin Guide.
  3. To download the report in .csv format, click Export.
    The report is saved in your browser's default downloads folder. The export process can take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of the report.