You can also restore defaults per language from the Enrollment page. Select a specific language and click Reset next to the text you want to restore. Use only one method consistently, either through the localization file or using the Admin portal. The system does not maintain a history of changes.

  1. Go to Setup > PingID > Branding > Enrollment.
  2. From the language selector list, select Edit Localization File.

    A screen capture of language selector list and options.
    The Localization window opens.
    A screen capture of the Localization window with a file chosen to remove.
  3. To restore messages text:
    • To restore message text to the original for all locales, next to, click Remove.
    • To restore message text for one or more languages:
      1. Click Download Current File and extract the current localization template .zip file. A separate Localization_<locale>.properties file is included for each locale.
      2. Delete the files for the locales that you want to reset to default and then compress the remaining files.
      3. In the Localization window, next to, click Remove.
      4. Click Choose file and upload the new localization .zip file.

        The languages to be removed display in the Languages Removed section.

      A screen capture of the Localization window with a populated list of languages to be removed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Confirm.
    The following warning message displays.
    A screen capture of the Important message dialog that asks to confirm your choice to remove the selected localization files.
Your changes are applied and can be viewed in the relevant language selections in the Enrollment window.