For RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, and SLES, the binary package provided does not depend on the specific release of the distribution that you are using, so there is no need to change the PingID entry in your repository sources. Just use the standard upgrade commands.

  • On RedHat and CentOS:
    sudo yum update pingid
  • On SUSE and SLES:
    sudo zypper ref pingidentity
    sudo zypper install pingid

For Debian and Ubuntu, however, different packages are provided for the different supported releases of the distributions. So before running the commands for upgrading, check that your list of sources includes the correct PingID entry for the release you are using.

Version of Debian/Ubuntu PingID entry to use
Ubuntu 14.04 deb trusty trusty
Ubuntu 16.04 deb xenial xenial
Ubuntu 18.04 deb bionic bionic
Ubuntu 20.04 deb focal focal
Debian 8 deb jessie jessie
Debian 9 deb stretch stretch
Debian 10 deb buster buster
Once you've verified that you have the correct entry in your list of sources, you can run the standard upgrade commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pingid