Before installing the PingID integration kit for PingFederate:

  • Make sure you have an active PingID account.
  • Download the PingID properties file (see Managing the PingID properties file).
  • Make sure you have installed PingFederate 9.3 or later, with PingID Integration Kit 2.10 or later.
  • Make sure you have network access to your PingFederate installation through a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Make sure you have administrator permissions in PingFederate.
  • Make sure you have a valid TLS certification path for PingFederate.
  • Open port 443 from PingFederate to PingOne cloud services. For more information, see PingID required domains, URLs, and ports.
  • Offline MFA should not be configured when integrating PingID for Windows login, because offline authentication is managed by Windows.

For general instructions for installing the PingID Integration Kit, see Installing the PingID Integration Kit for PingFederate.

If you are using PingFederate 9.3 or later, the PingID Integration Kit is bundled as part of PingFederate installation. If you are updating your current version of PingID Integration Kit to a newer version, you must install the integration kit manually, as described in the steps below.

  1. Download and extract the PingID Integration Kit package from the INTEGRATIONS section of the PingID download page:
  2. Copy the following files from the new pf-pingid-integration-kit-<version>/pf-pingid-idp-adapter-<version>/dist directory to the <pingfederate-installation>/server/default/deploy directory:
    • pf-pingid-idp-adapter-<version>.jar
    • pingid-web.war
  3. Restart the PingFederate server.
  4. If PingFederate is deployed on clustered servers, repeat these steps for all PingFederate nodes.