PingID Integration Kit 1.4

PingID Integration Kit 1.4 is released with the following new features:

PingID Adapter 1.4
  • Built-in, user friendly, migration path from a variety of third party MFA systems to PingID.
  • Support for successful SSO during PingID service issues.
  • Added the ability to configure the adapter's LDAP search scope.
  • Adapter version sent to the PingID service, as part of the authentication request.
  • Automatic support for the Europe and Australia regions' data centers.
  • Added OTP collection mode in the password field. This capability is useful for VPN models / remote access systems / services which support the RADIUS protocol, but do not support RADIUS Access-Challenge. This mode also supports RADIUS clients, which send the user collected OTP to the RADIUS server using the password field, for example Amazon Workspaces.
  • Username attribute mapping: The RADIUS PCV can now map between usernames sent by a RADIUS client and another set of usernames, retrieved from an LDAP attribute, and are used by PingID as usernames. This aligns the organization to a single set of PingID usernames. For example, if the RADIUS client is sending a sAMAccountName as the username, the RADIUS PCV can substitute it with the matching UserPrincipalName retrieved from the local Active Directory before sending the authentication request to the PingID service.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
ADPT-6840 A case was discovered where the adapter returned an error when querying LDAP attributes, and did not populate the LDAP fields. This is now resolved by the ability to configure the adapter's LDAP search scope.