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The first step in building an identity solution is adding an environment to organize your Ping products and services.

Determine what type of solution you are building. Filter the products and services by the type of audience you serve with your identity and access management solution. For example, if you select Customer solution, you will see products and services relevant to serving your clients and consumers, and if you select Build your own solution, you will see all available products and services.
  • Customer solutions: Help you create sign-on experiences for your clients and consumers.
  • Workforce solutions: Help you create sign-on experiences for your organization's employees.

When you select a solution, you might also want to consider how you want that solution to be deployed. PingOne for Enterprise and PingOne are multi-tenant cloud solutions that do not require additional setup or deployment after the environment in which they reside is created. The Customer360 and Workforce360 solutions incorporate cloud services and software products, which can also be deployed to the cloud. These solutions require additional setup, but can accommodate a wide range of complex security requirements.

  1. On the admin console home page, click Add Environment.
  2. To indicate whether you are building a customer solution, workforce solution, or custom solution, select the appropriate option.

    You see the products included in each solution at the bottom of the page when the solution is selected, as shown in this example. Most solutions include products and services that work well together.
    In this screen capture, the customer solution option is selected and displays the products and services included.
  3. To add or remove them from your solution, select and deselect products and services as appropriate. Click Next.
    The wizard asks you how you are deploying these products and services.
  4. Answer the questions presented regarding deployment. Click Next.

    If you are unsure about your deployment, just select any option because you can change it later.

  5. On the final page of the wizard, complete the fields, and then click Finish.
    • Environment name: A unique identifier for the environment.
    • Description: A brief characterization of the environment.
    • Region: The appropriate geographical region for the environment. The list shows only regions that are included with your license. You cannot change the region after the environment has been created.
    • License: Select the license to use for this environment. The available licenses for your organization are shown in the list.

      The new environment opens at the top of the list of environments you can access on the admin console home page.

Deploy your solution. See Deploying products and services.