PingOne Authorize resolves the value of the referenced attribute, replacing the attribute reference with the value itself. You can include text along with multiple attribute references. Use attribute interpolation in the following places:

  • Fields that have the Label () icon, such as service connector input fields
    Screen capture of the URL field showing an attribute reference in the URL and the label icon.
  • JSON Path, SpEL, and X Path processors
  • Statement payloads
  • Inputs in REST service bodies
  1. To open the attribute menu, enter two open curly brackets ({{) in a field that allows attribute interpolation.
    Screen capture showing two open curly brackets in the Payload field and the attribute selection menu.
  2. Enter the full path to the attribute, or select an attribute in the menu. To move to the next level in the menu, select choose a nested attribute.
    Screen capture showing the Choose a nested attribute option in the attribute selection menu.
  3. To complete the reference, enter two closing curly brackets (}}) or select }} complete expression in the menu.

    The following image shows an example of a completed attribute reference.

    Screen capture showing the completed attribute reference in the Payload field.