Let’s test your policy again to make sure it handles payment amounts under $10,000 USD.

  1. Go to Authorization > Policies, then select the Payment checks policy and click the Test tab.
  2. In the Request section, in Attributes, enter 9900 as the value for the Amount attribute.
  3. Click Execute.

    The Visualization tab shows a permit result, so now your policy handles amounts less than $10,000 USD. Your original rule for payments over $10,000 USD is not applicable because the amount is less than $10,000 USD.

    Screen capture showing the visualization flow for the permit payments up to 10000 USD result.

You added a second rule to your policy to account for payments less than $10,000 USD and used a combining algorithm. Then you retested your policy and found that it accounts for payments that are greater than or less than $10,000 USD.

So far, you’ve used the Trust Framework to create a basic attribute, then used the attribute in a policy with multiple rules and a combining algorithm. You’ve tested the policy and it does what you expect.

Now you’re ready to publish your policy.