1. Sign on to Windows with administrator privileges.
  2. Start the Services system application and stop the PingOne LDAP gateway service.
  3. Locate the uninstall-service.bat file.
    1. In the Services system application, locate the LDAP Gateway service.
    2. Right-click and select Properties.
    3. Note the Path to executable value.

    For example, if the value is

    C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\pingone-ldap-gateway-2.3.0\bin\windows\ldap-gateway-windows-x86-64.exe -s C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\pingone-ldap-gateway-2.3.0\bin\windows\PingOneLdapGatewayService.conf

    then you can find the uninstall-service.bat file in the C:\Program Files\Ping Identity\pingone-ldap-gateway-2.3.0\bin\windows directory.

  4. Run the uninstall-service.bat file without any parameters. The underlying directories and files are not removed. Make backup copies and remove the files as needed.