Let’s add another rule to allow payments that are less than $10,000 USD.

  1. Go to Authorization > Policies and make sure that the Payment checks policy is selected.
  2. Click the Details tab, then click + Add Rule.
  3. For the rule Name, enter Permit payments up to 10000 USD.
  4. Click the hamburger menu next to the Name field and select Add "Applies When".
    1. In the Applies When section, click + Comparison.
    2. In Select an attribute, select Amount, which is the same attribute you used before.
    3. For the comparator, select Less Than.
    4. For the constant value, enter 10000.

    Your new rule looks like this.

    Screen capture of the Permit payments up to 10000 USD rule showing the comparison to determine if the payment amount is less than 10000.
  5. Click Save changes.

    Rules are evaluated in order from top to bottom. Let’s move the permit rule so it’s first.

  6. Make sure that the rule is collapsed so that you only see the name, then click the drag bar to the left of the green check mark and reposition the permit rule above the deny rule.

    Screen capture of the repositioned rule showing the cursor on the grab bar.

    Now that there's a second rule, let’s consider the combining algorithm. It determines how one or more rules are evaluated to make a decision. Instead of adding the permit rule, you could have used the combining algorithm alone to permit payments less than $10,000 USD. Let’s change the combining algorithm as if you didn’t already have the second rule.

  7. For the Combining Algorithm, select Unless one decision is deny, the decision will be permit.

    Screen capture of the combining algorithm unless one decision is deny, the decision will be permit.

    For more details about combining algorithms, see Combining algorithms.

  8. Click Save changes.