Use the modify-query statement to add, update, or remove request URL query parameters. This statement applies to permit decisions produced by custom API Access Management policies. This statement doesn’t apply to outbound responses.

Screen capture showing the Modify Query statement, including the statement name, description, code, payload, and the kinds of decisions the statement applies to.




The payload for this statement is a JSON object that contains key-value pairs. For each pair, the key is the name of the query parameter to modify, and the value is the new value of the query parameter. The value can be:

  • null: Removes the query parameter from the request.
  • String: Sets the query parameter to that specific value.
  • Array of strings: Sets the query parameter to all of the values in the array.

If the query parameter already exists in the request, the decision service overwrites it. If the query parameter does not already exist, the decision service adds it, unless the value is null.

Format: { "queryParameter": "parameter-value" }


The following payload instructs the decision service to modify a query parameter that returns 20 accounts at a time to return 10 instead.

Example payload: { "limit":"10" }

Original request:

GET /accounts?limit=20 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json

Modified request:

GET /accounts?limit=10 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json