You must have the Organization Admin role to create an environment.

  1. In the admin console sidebar, click the Ping Identity logo to open the Environments page.
  2. Click the + icon.
    A screenshot of the Environments page in PingOne.

    The Create Environment setup assistant starts.

  3. Select the type of solution that you want to support in this environment.
    A screenshot of the Create Environment setup assistant in PingOne.

    Customer solution

    Select to design registration and subsequent sign-on experiences for your customers and test them in a sample application tailored to your industry.

    Workforce solution

    Select to design single sign-on experiences for your employees, partners, and vendors.

    Build your own solution

    Select to choose from all of our services and products to build a hybrid solution that fits your unique use case.

  4. Click Next.

    The services that will be deployed to your new environment are listed.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Define your environment by entering the following:



    Environment Name

    A unique identifier for the environment.

    Description (optional)

    A brief description of the environment.

    Environment Type

    Select Sandbox or Production. Sandbox environments are typically used for configuration and testing before deployment. Production environments are typically used for live configurations that are deployed for real-world use. Learn more about environment types in Environment Properties.

    Generate sample populations and users in this environment

    Select this checkbox to generate two populations and 40 sample users in the new environment.


    The appropriate geographical region for the environment. The list shows only regions that are included with your license.


    You can't change the region after the environment has been created.


    Select the license to use for this environment. The available licenses for your organization are shown in the License list. For more information, see Licenses.

    Include a solution designer to easily design and test experiences (optional)

    Customer and Workforce solutions only. If selected, after you create your environment, a solution designer opens and walks you through the process of designing your experiences.

    Choose Your Industry (optional)

    Customer solutions only. If you make a selection, PingOne creates a sample app tailored to the industry selected.

  7. Click Finish.

The new environment is created in your PingOne organization.

If you chose to build a customer or workforce solution, and selected the solution designer option, the solution designer opens and guides you through the process of designing and testing registration and sign-on experiences in less than 5 minutes.

If you did not select the solution designer option, or if you built your own solution, the Environments page opens. Locate your new environment by sorting the list alphabetically or by date created, or enter the environment name in the search box.