Sign up for a PingOne trial. For more information, see Starting a PingOne trial.

Signing up for a PingOne trial is a great way to experience the functionality of PingOne Protect with an automatically generated sample application. This sample app is a Ping-maintained application that allows you to design registration and sign-on experiences for your customers and test them in the app.

With your PingOne trial, you can try PingOne Protect and quickly and easily simulate risk events with the sample app to test how predictors work. The sample app allows you to test the capabilities of PingOne Protect in addition to other PingOne services, such as PingOne MFA and PingOne SSO, and can be tailored to your industry.


To try PingOne Protect in your existing PingOne user journey instead of with a trial, see Getting up and running.

To try PingOne Protect with a sample app:

  1. In your PingOne account, click Add Environment.
  2. Select Customer solution, and click Next.

    When you create a Customer solution, your new environment automatically includes the PingOne Protect service.

  3. Click Next again to create the environment.
  4. Enter the details for your environment, select the Include a solution designer to easily design and test experiences check box, and click Finish.

    Your new PingOne environment is created and automatically opens.

  5. Choose if you want to tailor your experience for your industry, or click Skip.

    PingOne creates a sample app based on your selection. You can click Get Started to view the tour or close the tour pop-up window.

  6. Test the predictors.

    The PingOne Protect capabilities are available in the Authentication flow of the sample app.