Earlier, you configured the Test endpoint to keep track of recent decisions made during policy evaluation. You can use details about recent decisions to debug policy behavior during policy development.


Recent decisions are a policy debugging tool, and are not intended for monitoring of authorization decisions in real time. You can examine the 20 most recent decisions made for an endpoint in the last 24 hours.

Let’s examine recent decisions to make sure that the policy is handling payment requests correctly.

  1. Go to Authorization > Recent Decisions.
  2. In the Decision Endpoint list, select the Test endpoint.
  3. In the Decision to Visualize list, select the first decision.

    This is the most recent decision.

    Screen capture of the expanded Select Decision to Visualize list.
  4. Examine the decision flow to make sure that decisions are evaluated according to your expectations.

    The visualization is similar to what you saw when you tested your policy.

    Screen capture of the Visualization flow for permitting payments up to 10000 USD.
  5. Click the Permit payments up to 10000 USD box to show more details.

    You can see that this represents your rule that permits payments up to $10,000 USD. The decision evaluated to Permit and it took 3.288 milliseconds.

    Screen capture of the Visualization details pane showing the decision result and elapsed time.
  6. In the Select Decision to Visualize list, select the second decision and then examine the Visualization tab and the other tabs to make sure that everything looks as expected:
    1. Click the Request tab to review the JSON request sent to the decision service and confirm that the expected information was sent.

      Screen capture of the Recent Decisions Request tab showing the JSON request.
    2. Click the Response tab to review the complete, high-verbosity response for the decision, including expanded errors and other helpful information.

      Screen capture of the Recent Decisions Response tab showing the complete, high-verbosity response.
    3. Click the Attributes tab for details about the attribute used in the decision.

      Screen capture of the Recent Decisions Attributes tab showing attribute details.

      Now that you’ve examined recent decisions for your named version, let’s roll it out to production by publishing it to the Prod endpoint.

  7. Go to Authorization > Version History.
  8. For the Payment checks version, click the More Options (⋮) icon and select Publish Version.
  9. In the Publish to list, select the Prod endpoint and click Publish.

    The blue Prod icon indicates that the version is now published in Prod in addition to Test and Dev.

    Screen capture of Version History showing icons for published endpoints.

Congratulations! You’ve built your first dynamic authorization policy, tested it, and rolled it out to production.