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PingOne provides notification services for Device Pairing, Strong Authentication, and Transaction Approval.

Each delivery method (SMS, voice, email, or mobile push notification) of each notification service has a template with default settings. Each template has default message texts with required and optional dynamic variables. You can edit the templates to customize these message texts.

Customizing notifications using the admin console

  1. Go to User Experience > Notification Templates.
  2. Click the expand arrow next to the notification template Strong Authentication to expand it.
  3. Click the Email tab to view the current email notification Subject and Body texts.
  4. Click the Pencil icon on the right to enter editing mode.

    If there are multiple delivery methods, you see editable templates for all delivery methods on the same page and any required and optional embedded dynamic variables next to each template.


    Notification templates are configured at the environment level. Take extra care when editing notification texts. Going forward, any email template change for authentication notifications is reflected in the email message texts in all authentication requests of all users in the current environment.

  5. In the Email > Body field, use the required {otp} and optional ${user.username} dynamic variables. Enter the following text:
    Hello ${user.username},
    Your passcode is: ${otp}.
  6. To save, click the Check mark icon.

    For more information and configuration options, see Notification templates.

Configure transaction approval

Customizing notifications using the API

Application developers can use the API operations to customize notifications.

You can maintain different content for each template, delivery-method, and locale combination. When sending a notification, the system uses the language closest to the user's locale, as configured on the user resource. Although adding multiple contents per template and delivery-method (distinguished by locale) is not currently supported in the PingOne admin console, you can add it through the API and then view and edit using the UI.

  • Use the access token generated through the worker app and the following POST operation:

    The templateName can be device_pairing, strong_authentication, or transaction.

        "subject":"OTP pour ${user.username}",
        "body":"${user.username}, votre OTP: ${otp}",

    For details, see POST: CREATE Email Content and POST: CREATE Text Message Content in the API reference.

Configure transaction approval