1. Configure the RelayState parameter to contain the applicationId when the IdP sends an SAML assertion to PingOne.
    Example: applicationId=bda4e692-84c2-4f90-8835-d28da695c748
  2. Optionally, you can also include applicationUrl in the RelayState.
    Example: applicationId=bda4e692-84c2-4f90-8835-d28da695c748&applicationUrl=https://myapp.com/overview

    The applicationUrl is used only when target_link_uri is not configured.

    The following is a sample request to the OIDC application.


    If needed, you can include iss and target_link_uri parameters directly in the Initiate Login URI configuration. These parameters take precedence over the values for the PingOne application. For more information, see Initiating Login from a Third Party.