If you have an existing PingID environment, and want to integrate it with a PingOne see Integrating a PingID account with a new PingOne environment.

  1. In the PingOne admin console, click Add Environment.
  2. Select Build your own solution, and then select PingID. PingOne SSO is automatically added to the selection.
    Tip: You can select Build your own, and then select PingID Workforce Solution to get a preconfigured bundle that includes PingOne SSO, PingID, PingOne Protect, and PingOne DaVinci.
  3. In the Create Environment window, click Deploy it for me and then click Next. The Services window opens.
  4. In the Services window, enter the following information:
    • Environment Name: Enter a name for your PingOne environment.
    • Description: Optionally enter a description for the environment.
    • Environment Type: Select either Sandbox or Production
    • Region: Select the region that you want to create your environment. The PingID and PingOne regions must match.
    • License: Select the relevant license.
  5. Click Finish.
You can:
  • In PingOne, add users. For information, see Users. To allow users to manage their account using MyAccount, see Self service.
  • In the PingID admin portal, configure PingID authentication methods, and create a PingID policy.
  • To learn more about PingID administration, see the PingID Administration Guide.